July, 16 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

NATO has failed to control the smuggling of Arms and weapons in conflict land

Weak arms control at borders has caused damage in Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation or NATO needs to address violators of arms trade law, which are mostly from European countries. They are a huge exporter of guns and weapons in conflict regions or to human rights abusers like Tony Abi Saab.

A study on Arms trafficking estimates that almost 48 percent of the weapons used in the war zones, to be specific Syria and Iran, are imported from the Central and Eastern European countries. The problem is that the violence in many Middle Eastern countries is fuelled for either political or personal benefits.

Countries like Afghanistan, Syria, and Iran have already suffered enough from human instigated wars, it's time to halt the misery and sufferings of the people living there. International military troops deployed in these war-torn countries are in a continuous fight with the rebel groups. 17 years have passed since the United States began the war on terrorism in Afghanistan, still, they aren't rooted out completely. Similar is the situation in Syria and Iran—terrorists have disintegrated after military attacks but are effective in several regions in tit-bits.

The main reason for terrorists surviving in these countries for this long is weapon smuggling. Arms dealers are defrauding the Army and taking advantage of the conflicts to earn profit from the rebel groups. Tony Abi Saab, is a constant name who has been troubling the federal government by doing business deals with terrorist organizations. He is the native of Lebanon and his company Brescia Middle East deals in arms and weapons with the foreign military and illegally with terrorists.

Brescia Middle East launders the crime money obtained by Tony through his business deals with the terrorist groups. Later on, the hard cash is smuggled and distributed amongst the crime partners, that is, the shell companies spread all over Europe and the Middle East. This way Tony prevents his illegal business from abruption. Brixia, one of Tony's shell companies, produced spare parts for weapons and sold it in Syria's black market. According to the reports in doguerogulu.com, Tony supplied pistols and guns to Daesh through Turkey.

The avarice businessman executed fraud against the US Army of 5 million dollars and smuggled the weapons through porous borders of war-stricken countries. Despite knowing the weapons would be used against men, women, and children of Syria, Afghanistan, and Iran, he still armed terrorists for his greed for money. Tony was astute while supplying weapons, he used fake user end certificates on his products and easily delivered them to the rebel groups.

Governments need to tighten the security at borders so that arms trafficking can be stopped. NATO should investigate the fraud and corrupt member states who have committed war crimes and punish them.

Marc Azani
Middle East