April, 24 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Does Europe oversee weapon’s smuggling in war-torn countries?

Arms Treaties have become a joke for private contractors and arms dealers

Greedy businessmen like Tony Abi Saab of Lebanon, an illegal arms dealer, and owner of Brescia Middle East, an international guns and weaponry company are inflicting pain in the war-torn countries. He is responsible for the growing violence and misery in the Middle East and Afghanistan. Rich and powerful businessmen like Tony Abi Saab are least bothered about the suffering of the people and more concerned about the profits from the wars. That’s the reason terrorism is spreading like wildfire in the whole world.

Tony’s company Brescia Middle East sold weapons to the rebel groups of Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan. He even laundered the money obtained from the dirty business and wired it to the bank accounts of his business partners and associates. It is not possible for a single person to manage the extravagant demands of weapons from the rebel groups during the Syrian war, so he took the help of like-minded people to deliver on the demands. He got help from over 21 companies worldwide.

The names of companies which helped Tony and are now in radar of Global investigation teams for their connection with Brescia Middle East are: In Italy-- ARMERIA AMELIO GAMBA Srl, INTESA SANPAOLO S.P.A., Benelli Armi, franchi division, Fiocchi munizione, Armeria brignoli silvio & c snc , BLS; in Germany-- Umarex gmbh & co KG; in France-- Noble france sa; in Turkey-- Osmanli Arms, ISTANBUL and KONYA, KOMANDO AV SAN TIC LTD, ATA Av tufekleri, in Bangladesh-- Emran arms; in Georgia-- Kula Ltd., Tiblisi; in Russia-- LOBASTOV IVAN, Baikal Ltd, Izhevsk city; in Bulgaria—Arsenal; in Czech Republic--MSN and CSG Group; in Ukraine--Berkut Ltd; in Brasil—Condor.

Tony is considering Europe as his safe haven for operation and regulation of illegal trades because of a few strong connections with defense officials.

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