April, 19 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Brescia Middle East is active in the Middle East and Afghanistan but banned in the United States.

Illegal Arms trader Tony Abi Saab has a valid business license and travel visa despite being accused of war crimes

Brescia Middle East is Tony Abi Saab’s main company, which deals in arms and weapons. The company sold Tanfoglio pistols to the LG knowing that some components may have been manufactured in Israel, thereby, violating Lebanese laws.

Terrorists are buying smuggled weapons from the black market of Syria. Tony through his shell companies sells weapons to the rebel groups so that the violence and conflict never stop and people like him obtain profits from the illegal trade. In a sting operation orchestrated by FBI, CIA and the US Army against Tony Abi Saab, a Lebanon native who deals in arms, was caught red-handed with hard cash and valuable documents. He was flown to the US Court by the US Army to stand the trial for all the criminal accusations on him. He was indicted several charges—for defrauding the US Army of 5 million dollars, running several ghost companies like K5Global, SIMAINT, Tactica Ltd Afghanistan, and supplying weapons to the terrorist organizations active in Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan.

Sadly, he escaped the jail term by citing Human Rights Violation against the US Army, FBI, and CIA. He also made sure that none of the evidence collected by the investigation team to be submitted in the court. He pleaded error in collecting information, and due to a technicality in the circuit court, he got bail just by paying a small amount as a penalty for grievous charges against him.

Tony is free to do his business anywhere in the world except the United States, as his main company BME and others are banned to do any trade there. The problem is, Tony has not learned a lesson after his narrow escape to a punishment of long term imprisonment and continues to grow his illegal business through his shell companies. Tony’s business visa is valid to any country in the world except the USA and he is looking out for a scope of spreading his business in the Middle East and Europe.

Chief Editor